Live online consultation with our optometrists

To allow our patients access to eye care in the safest manner possible, we are now offering live online consultation services (also known as telemedicine).  This service is to be used for urgent eye care matters only.

There is currently no OHIP coverage for telemedical optometry services and the cost to access this service varies depending on the of length of time and complexity required for the consult. Not all urgent eye care matters can be managed via telemedicine, and following your consult you may be asked to book an in-person appointment to be evaluated more thoroughly. 

Your online consultation uses encryption technology for any personal information or images that may be shared between you and the optometrist on the platform. Your online consultation may involve video chat, direct messaging, and/or photo uploads. You will be asked questions about the nature of your symptoms as well as your health history if relevant, including any medications you are taking so please have this information handy before you initiate the consultation. Following your online consult you will be given specific instructions to treat or manage your condition or an in-person visit will be arranged should this be deemed to be necessary.

CLICK HERE to initiate a live online consult for your urgent eye care matter.  Please be prepared to wait a few minutes in case our on-call optometrist is not immediately available.

Tele-Optometry services are available with our optometrists only by appointment.

You may access this service if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden loss/change of vision
  • Redness, pain, sensitivity to light
  • Trauma
  • Double vision
  • Pain, redness and/or discharge in the eyes or surrounding areas (eyelids, brow areas)
  • Sudden onset of light flashes and/or floaters
  • Other eye conditions not specifically listed